With almost 40 years of experience in the field Architecture, Engineering and Design and Design Management, and Project Management. We operate in the global markets with offices in Qatar, Portugal, Algeria, Cape Verde, Lebanon, S. Tome and Principe. Furthermore, FDP has drawn on some strategic partnerships with Albert Kahn and Vigliecca & Associados which both enjoys more than 125 years of experience in the Michigan, Alabama (USA) and Brazil mainly in Health care and sports and leisure.

Focus Portugal office designed and engineered many stadium projects such as Sport Benfica e Lisbona (Portugal), Algarve Stadium (Algarve), Oeiras municipal stadium (Portugal), Lubango (Angola) and others. The strategic partnership between our Focus Portugal Office and Vigliecca & Associados in Brazil started in 2012 pre the 2014 World cup and 2016 Olympic Games. The sport expertise of Focus Group in Europe in addition to the local experience of Vigliecca & Associados materialized in the award of many successful projects such as the design of the Fortaleza WC stadium and Deodoro RIO 2016 Olympic park, Curituba Brazil 2014 WC Stadium, Campo Grande 2014 WC Stadium, Florianopolis 2014 WC Stadium.