Building Information Modeling

Focus Design Partners has a strong belief in BIM as a mandatory new standard in producing, delivering and managing project files in construction and design industry.

BIM is a growing industry trend that is changing the way that planning, design, construction, and facility operations are conducted and, as such, changing the face of the industry as a whole. BIM uses computer-based simulations to study and validate project design and construction before they actually take place. It is far more than basic 3D modeling; Its a business approach that integrates multiple streams of project-related information.
BIM moves users away from the traditional “document-centric” approach, which only addresses the capital construction side of a facility, toward a “data-centric” approach, which supports the facility lifecycle operation. The result is more effective and efficient design, estimating, scheduling and construction phases. It breaks down the traditional barriers related to interdisciplinary collaboration, facilitates off-site prefabrication, improves design options, and reduces risk, rework, and cost. BIM also allows for the integration of construction phasing through project scheduling software, automated quantity takeoffs, automated costing based on the integration of materials pricing software packages, and green building analysis, among others.

BIM in general, as a process of designing a building, can be used in a variety of options, to progressively build and update models of any client facility by using one comprehensive model which consists of all discipline, rather than having it separately. This is done to ensure that the design process will have improved decision making, along with production of higher quality designs which can help reduce costs and in the end improve overall quality of building and construction schedule.