Qatar Sports Investment Authority
Doha, Qatar
Built Up Area: 
172,600 sqm

ICE - Interactive Center of Entertainment

The area is approximately 100 000sqm located along D-ring road in the direction of city center towards the airport of Doha. The property has a 200m frontage to D-ring road and 300 frontage in the perpendicular direction. It is bound by low-density family residential area, mostly gated communities, situated along the south and west borders.

The mixed-use development is planned to be a low-density. The area will have a mix of commercial, residential, offices and community facilities with a maximum of 6-story buildings at the main roads and a max of 4-story within the rest of the development.

The development is to have an “architectural character of modern and contemporary forms, meandering and pedestrian oriented streets where they all originate at a focal (starting) point in addition to creating squares where all of the pedestrian and vehicular traffic meet." Outdoor activities are recommended in addition to a lot of shaded areas and enclosed air-conditioned corridors.

The proposal illustrates an intent, a very conscious attempt to develop a comprehensive plan where a mix of leisure, retail, corporate, residential and civil units are designed in such a relationship so as to reduce the dependency on the automobile.

The conceptual approach to the whole master plan is the idea of contradiction where the events stimulate the mind, the curiosity, and generate discovery. Pieces of ice that are in a state of constant transformation. The ice is in perpetual melting yet holding to its shapes and forms, adamantly resisting the force of nature, the desert. Transformation of energy, from one to another, is a dynamic situation where life takes place, flourishing in colors and texture.

The ICE will develop as an integrated, architecturally harmonious mixed-use development. Particular emphasis is given to creating a pedestrian-friendly enclave where residents shall desire to gather and shop. Design elements including architecture, landscape and environmental design shall create a commercial enclave of higher quality and value than the typical strip mall. The development shall also be sensitive to the adjacent residential area when it comes to scale and building typology.