Al Daicel
ECQ, Lusail, Qatar
Built Up Area: 
12.700 sqm

The two plots, D6 & D7, offer two different but very complimenting office buildings. Simple volumes are intersected by full-height projecting walls and shaded by large canopies. Both buildings provide habitable exterior spaces in the form of shaded balconies and roof gardens.  

Day lighting is a major factor, and hence skylights are provided to  bring light all the way down into the ground floor atrium spaces in both buildings.

The two buildings are similar in the choice of material: natural stone cladding for the exterior walls, double glazed windows and large metal grill shading walls wrapping around the glazed volumes. Each building attains a different feel to it: the first is matched with colors of water, while the second, with colors of the sun.

A common garden space is created between the two buildings. Another garden space is the top of both buildings, where an extensive green roof is proposed to reduce heat island effect and provide a habitable relaxation space for the building occupants.

The two buildings share an underground parking on two levels. Access is provided by a separate ramp on the side of each of the building. On-ground parking is completely shaded for the comfort of the occupants and to achieve credit under LEED certification system.

Water fountains and an elaborate landscape design to fit with design guidelines for the entire ECQ development fill the rest of the property land.