Qatar Finance House
ECQ, Lusail, Qatar
Built Up Area: 
6.054 sqm

The design proposal takes into consideration the orientation of the building and proposes a wide welcoming north-west elevation that is facing the main road, i.e. main point of entry. The elevation curves as the road curves and hints a sense of continuity. The same notion of continuity is further achieved through the use of architectural forms, such as the triangle, that are more directional (vectorial) rather than complete. Such an element is found in the skewed wall on the north façade which completes the main curve and suggests a visual movement upwards. 

As part of the site analysis, a climatic investigation was performed to establish the microclimatic site conditions that influence the architectural design. It was concluded that prevailing winds are from the North and North-West (the direction in which the building is facing). A sun diagram was drawn to determine the position of shading devices and opaqueness/transparency of the facades. The building uses horizontal shading devices with adjustable elements that control the admittance of light into the office spaces. South and west facades are covered with a metal mesh that provides protection against direct sunlight and glare.

The building’s architectural design revolves around the notion of continuity which at the end attains a certain quality of both boldness and elegance. The softness of the northern curve is contrasted with the rigidity of the triangular form of the second exit stair in the south-east. The central (highest) triangular volume (with its curved front facing north) is envisioned in a very light color so as to be immediately readable but not imposing. The added cantilevered volume that repeats the main northern building curve adds a very strong presence and boldness to the main façade that holds the most importance since it’s facing the main street. The imposing character of this suspended volume is pacified through the large openings in the mass that let in natural light. In addition, the suspended canopy that follows the curve of the volume above counteracts this visual massiveness by the illusion of being extremely light, hanging only on several cables. The east façade also offers its share of drama with the main volume being cut at the top and extended outward at the bottom where it also receives the penetrating volume of the second exit stair. The west side of the building comprises of a volume whose floor line follows the upward curve of a stair inside that connects the ground floor to the mezzanine level and curves around a two-story interior garden space.