Corniche, Doha, Qatar
Built Up Area: 
30.000 sqm

Luxury Hotel at Al Shyoukh Port, Doha

The Shuyukh Port carries a historical significance that our design team has chosen to interpret within a fictional narrative that tells the story of a fisherman. The site is seen as the arrival point of a fisherman, who has lost his way home and who, just in the time of his final desperation and exhaustion, has been miraculously granted treasures from the generous Arabian waters - food and fresh water. With his hunger alleviated and his thirst satiated, he finally sees dry land and brings his treasures to the foreign but hospitable city shores and makes them his new home.

The hotel becomes the idea of marking the arrival point of the fisherman and remains a reminiscent gestures towards a historical past that is part of the local culture and needs to endure through time. The form of the building is an obvious resemblance of a boat, contemporary in form, but recognizing and incorporating the local architectural spirit. We have chosen to acknowledge the innovative spirit of the Qatari design community and thus, to interlace the traditional and the modern in an artistic abstraction that carries the values of the past into the forms of the future.

The design proposes a highly contemporary form, varied in all elevations and in height, which however incorporates the local architectural spirit in an abstract but very recognizable way. Moreover, the hotel is positioned with reference to the existing Museum of Islamic Art to its east side, offering an extensive view towards it from the rooms located along the east facade. The other major reference is the skyline of downtown Doha, which has been acknowledged by offering an extensive array of rooms with views on the west side of the hotel. The main entrance to the south welcomes visitors from the major city artery - the Corniche, while the north end is the bow of the boat which is 'docked' into the hotel pool. The hotel offers balconies to the majority of rooms.

The building incorporates two major architectural elements - white solid parts and metal brise-soleil cladding over the glazing. Our choice of materials carries the idea of the purity of a pearl (white) with the transparency and reflectance of the water (metal brise-soleil with shiny silver finish). The white solid parts will be of composite fiber cement sheets with epoxied and sanded joints and thermo-shield ceramic paint coating. The metal brise-soleil is a weave of traditional Islamic pattern that provides a much needed shading to the east and west elevations where the sun exposure is the greatest.